Do you need instant help to grow your agriculture business? We are ready to help you. Nowadays, farming has become one of the toughest fields to expect to earn, and worldwide competition makes it hardest. We make farm loans more accessible for you through which you can implement your plans for better income.

Whether you need to buy new machinery or want to purchase extra land or pay out the day-to-day wages to the labourers, the agriculture finance at Straight Away Loan offers desired funding without anything in the name of the loan obligations.


Most of the farming or agriculture businesses have different sorts of financial needs that force them to go for loans. Indeed, profit is the crucial element that remains in their mind. Purposes can be many, but the low cost Agri loans for farmers can fulfil the majority of their requirements. The Agri loan can be useful for these reasons:

  • To purchase necessary farming tools;
  • To bear the expenses of fertilisers and labour pay;
  • To fulfil the lost of crops due to disruptive weather;
  • To insert technological equipment for convenient farming;
  • To open a start-up agribusiness;
  • To purchase farmland at another town or city.

You need to have sufficient amount into your bank account to fulfil such requirements. Well, you do not need to look for different financing alternatives when you are getting here the personalised deals on agribusiness finance.


Unlike other direct lenders in Ireland, Straight Away Loan vouches for the best features of Agri loans in Ireland. You do not need to approach for the government grants because our loan features are enough to calm your funding issues. These attributes are:

  • Funding for both short-term and long-term financial needs
  • Competitive interest rates that easy to your pocket
  • Flexible repayment term with the facility of an extended repay period
  • No pre-payment charges and no hidden surprises
  • Loan offers according to an individual’s circumstances

The borrowers can analyse their current funding needs and then communicate with us. We are ready to provide the amount minimum of €1000 to the maximum of €50000.


Not the great farming tools and equipment, but the most vital aspect to your farm business growth is the basic needs like seeds, feed, farm animals and fertiliser. Our agriculture loans allow you to spread your overall costs because those you can manage with smooth cash flow come from us.

Here are the key BENEFITS that you become eligible for:

  • Our loans assist the agricultural manufacturers in the whole country including Northern Ireland primarily;
  • We also fund for those calamities that occur due to the natural disasters. We also offer special discount on farm loan interest rates to rebuild or renovate;
  • We reduce the loan obligations for the start-ups initiated by the novice farmers and ranchers. We usually follow the no credit check policy for them and providing a guarantor is also not mandatory;
  • Our Agri finance is well capable of fill the market gaps while selling your corps. Our main aim is to support the farming development all over the country;
  • We finance for cattle feeds, pig feed, poultry feed and sheep feed too. You can also use funds for purchasing any livestock.


Yes, we do have the specialised deals on the farm loans for bad credit people. Like any other financial products in our company, we also follow the unbiased lending policies for the farmers with any credit scores. From excellent to very poor, we have the lending norms that are accessible to everyone.

The farm producers with low credit scores can get facilities, such as:

  • Both Secured & Unsecured Loans
  • Same-day funding to attract quick profit
  • Agri loans for any farming need
  • Small-term & long-term funding
  • An excellent chance to rebuild credit score
  • Easy-to-qualify loans with no strict norms
  • Soft credit check to ensure approval
  • Less paperwork than other private lenders
  • Facility to restart the loan after completion
Both Secured & Unsecured Loans Small-term & long-term funding Soft credit check to ensure approval
Same-day funding to attract quick profit An excellent chance to rebuild credit score Less paperwork than other private lenders
Agri loans for any farming need Easy-to-qualify loans with no strict norms Facility to restart the loan after completion


Straight Away Loan erases all the difficulties in the loan applying. Whether you are sitting in Dublin, Limerick or Galway, we are ready to fund you for your any farming needs. Apply today for the personal farm loans by following these simple steps:

  • Open up ‘Apply Now’ form
  • Fill the online application with binding details
  • Submit it carefully and wait for the approval

Yes, only these three steps are required to connect with us. Once we receive your loan application, we take quick decision and our farm loan experts assist you immediately. If everything seems perfect, we take a few minutes only to transfer the amount to your official bank account.

Straight Away Loan is committed to FULFIL your farming needs and to FLOURISH your agribusiness. Too much of waiting will only cost you severely. Submit your application now…